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El Ron Prohibido

Ron Prohibido is a premium, artisan rum produced under a 12 year solera system. Its truly distinctive sweet and bitter taste is acquired by combining rums of different aging profiles and adding a touch of raisin wine. This blend results in a wide range of delicious aromas and flavors.

During the 18th century, the Spanish ships reached America with sweet wine reserves in barrels. Instead of going back with empty barrels, they filled them with Chinguirito, known as Mexican rum. During the trip, the rum absorbed the aromatic characteristics of the barrels, which resulted in a high quality product.

Prohibited during the reign of the King of Spain Felipe V De Borbon, for the disastrous effects caused on society by its excessive drinking, this alcohol beverage known as Chinguirito or Habanero comes back to light in its original recipe for the lucky fans of the real rum.

The Ron Prohibido process starts with sugar cane juice fermentation. The fermented juice, or sugar cane wine, is distilled in a column still to produce rum. The rum is then blended with the solera 12 years to obtain its delicious aroma and flavor.

Tasting notes

Appearance:Dark brown with a touch of red.
Aroma: The first scent is sweet with great intensity of dry fruits, raisins, and prunes,
Taste: Raisin, prune, walnut wood, with hints of chocolate and coffee.
Finish: Long and silky, with a touch of caramel and slightly bitter.
ABV: 40%

Forbidden for years…never forgotten

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Ron Zaya Gran Reserve’s proprietary recipe is aged in oak barrels for no less than 12 years. Which, of course, is only half the story. What most people fail to mention is that Zaya is distilled five times and hand blended with 3-5 rums, creating a truly alluring and sophisticated sipping rum that many call the world´s finest.

Hand crafted and distilled from pure virgin sugar cane, Zaya is patiently matured in fine oak barrels for a minimum of 12 long years before its release. The result is a finely crafted rum that is smooth and deep, the forward inviting flavours are layered in hedonistic textures, with aromas and a seamless finish that are consistent with premier quality.

Zaya is produced using the finest sugar cane hand selected from the estate. The selections go through an elaborate extraction process to obtain only the “pure virgin honey” of the concentrated juice, which is then  double distilled in small copper pots to achieve greater complexity, the water and its limpidity are an important foundation of world class rum. Zaya uses indigenous natural artisan “Millenary Waters” that display purity that is beyond compare.

Zaya is gently matured for a minimum of 12 long years in the finest oak barrels, imparting deeper, more complex and smoother flavours.    

    ABV 40°

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